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Sport Psych Coaching Services in Soccer

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you can get a sense of who I am and what it would be like to work with me. Goodness of fit is one of the biggest factors of success in a coaching/counseling relationship.

Services I provide:

  • One on one sport psych coaching for Current and Former Athletes
  • One on one sport psych coaching for Coaches
  • One on one or family sport psych coaching for Parents/Families

For Soccer Clubs and Sport Organizations I provide:

  • Sport Psych services (presentations, Mental Skills Programs, etc…)
  • Educational Seminars/Public Speaking on Sport Psych/Depth Psychology

What clients are hoping for when they contact me:

  • To better achieve the desired sport, retirement or life goals
  • To feel more fulfilled in their sport or post-sport life
  • To have more mental clarity and feel more prepared for sport and life challenges
  • To explore and understand feelings such as lack of motivation, confusion, or dissatisfaction in their careers and life
  • To have more cohesive teams and be able to perform better under pressure
Easy Access regardless of location. All sessions are currently being done via teleconferencing.

Places to get started

About John O'Brien

I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology who both coaches athletes and others involved in sport with life and mental skills, and provides psychotherapy to the general public.  If you live in Colorado and psychotherapy would better suit your needs, you can visit my psychotherapy website at