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The purpose of this website is to give you info on who I am and what I do.


  • Well-being of soccer players
  • working with soccer players of all ages
  • I take a holistic approach basing my services on what each soccer player needs. Sessions involve self-discovery and uncover-y,
  • building mental capacities, emotional support and emotional discernment.

Struggles clients face – Why clients see me

  • Many clients want support to achieve the goals they desire
  • Many clients have sport or life situations that they want to be different
  • Clients may feel unsatisfied, unmotivated, or confused.
  • Clients may notice unwanted behaviors
  • Clients may simply want to improve their effectiveness in their sport

The Good News: Uncomfortable emotions are signs your self-system (your unique way of processing and making sense of information) wants to learn and grow in new ways. Uncomfortable emotions and are a great reason to start a coaching relationship.

Are you struggling with unwanted feelings, dissatisfaction, or not achieving the goals you’d like in your soccer career?

Do you want to feel more mentally prepared, have more clarity, or feel more fulfilled in your soccer career?

About John O'Brien

My journey to becoming a mental coach for those vested in soccer started with my first kick of the ball.  It probably wasn’t a very skilled touch, but it did get the ball rolling.  Subsequent touches carried the ball from my local neighborhood playing AYSO and club soccer, to representing my city, state, and then my country at the youth level.  The ball kept rolling thanks to many smart minds and caring hearts and as I aged the ball rolled over the Atlantic and found a home in Amsterdam with a club called Ajax, named after the Greek God known to be fearless, smart and powerful.