What I Do

I work with youth, collegiate, and professional soccer players, teams and clubs as a sport psych consultant helping athletes with personal and performance challenges. I also work with former athletes on managing the transition from sport. I have a wealth of personal experience as a former professional soccer player and as a coach/consultant I have been described as knowledgeable, compassionate, dedicated and insightful.

Here’s how it works:

For Current and Retired Soccer Players we would start right where you are. Conversing via teletherapy to see what currently is bothering you or how you want to improve. From there we will work collaboratively to develop a mode of working together and a general plan in order to help you move closer towards your goals.

For Coaches/Parents I provide a confidential space to help you better define your Coaching/Parenting style. We will focus on relational learning: learning more about yourself and your child/team-member(s) in order to maximize your ability to positively influence those you are helping.

For Soccer Clubs we start with a conversation to discuss needs, challenges, and a general timeline. A comprehensive way this has worked for clubs is by conducting educational presentations about mental skills and performance: One for Coaches, One for Players, and One for Parents. After this, players, coaches or parents who want to further explore an area discussed can then sign up for one on one sessions.


  • One on one sport psych coaching
  • Mental Skills programs for teams
  • Psycho-Educational Presentations
  • Psycho-Social-Soccer Blogging/Writing