“In each of us is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves. (Carl Jung)

“Learning to work with our dreams can help us hear the perspective of this other leading to an abiding sense of aliveness, renewed creativity and greater psychological wholeness. Dreamwork can help us resolve inner conflicts, shift how we approach interpersonal relationships and help us to find our authentic ground.” (This Jungian Life)

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Why research sport related dreams?

Soccer players and Athletes, Current or Former have dreams like everyone else.  Whatever kind of dreams they have I bet at times their sport appears.  It just makes sense!  We dream about things in our lives and why not something so intimate and meaningful as sport. Exploring the research, I’ve heard of “rehearsal dreams” such as the basketball player startling to a wake up having just taking a jump shot, but that is usually the end of it, no further conversation, no further exploration or understanding, the dream and the dreamer’s experience forgotten or even discarded (OUCH!). Meanwhile, dreams make impressions and provide endless amounts of content for self-growth. Athletes usually are interested in learning about their bodies, their minds and self-improvement. I bet they would like to know more about their sport related dreams.

This research is intended to open up the Sport Dream Box and see what can be found.  Is there something common in athlete’s dreams that would be good to know?  Are former athletes dreaming about their sport and why?  What can we learn from the “dreaming mind” about participation in sport?  And of course, can the individual and their sport performance be helped by working with a dream?

If you have a sport dream to share and are a Current or Former Athlete of any level, please fill out the survey below! If not, but this area of study is of interest to you and you would like to talk, feel free to contact me.