The Retiring Soccer Player. The Retiring Athlete.

Everyone Ages. Bodies reach their peak physical strength and their peak sensory abilities at around age 30. Smart training can impact this genetic disposition, but the trend ultimately is written in our DNA. While the body reaches a peak relatively early in life, the mind in contrast can continue learning, growing and thriving. Wisdom, compassion, efficacy, personal satisfaction can all increase. Transitioning out of Sport is a significant life change that historically has been overlooked.

Many athletes struggle to find satisfaction with the transition out of their sport.  It can take time and be a process containing many mixed or painful emotions.  When managed right, however, I believe this phase can be deeply rich and fulfilling.  It allows for a deeper knowing of yourself, our culture, and what it means to be human.

I provide individual counseling and group programs for Athletes Retiring from Sport and Transitioning to new things.  Moving out of sport is comparable to a snake shedding its skin, the old skin peels off and the new skin is sensitive, but vibrant, alive and even more adapted to the new environment.


Personal Development Workshop for Athletes transitioning out of sport.

This workshop is based on research that found that having an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the transition,
  • Recognize your transferable skills,
  • Process your sport career (beginning, middle, and current involvement), and
  • Discuss your current needs, values and desired direction

In a safe environment with others in a similar situation is greatly desired by athletes and greatly beneficial to them during the transition.

This is a 6-session series with sessions typically every 2 weeks.  Please email me if you would like to be added to the list and notified when the next group will start.  Once 6-8 members are signed up we will plan the dates.

“I had the experience of feeling lost and really wanting an organizationof people that I could tap into.” (Former professional soccer player)

“Honestly, I didn’t know who I was without soccer. I had some interests, but during the transition I felt confused in daily life, out of sorts. It was kind of surreal for a while, and it took some time before I felt like I was on solid ground.” (Former professional soccer player)

Check out this Pamphlet of real US Soccer Athletes talking about the transition!

US Soccer PDF